Camelia Mahmoudi

Legal services in the areas of (1) Trust, Estate, including Wills, Living Trusts, Probate, Trust Administration, and Conservatorships. (2) Taxation, i

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Marissa Major

Warren Major LLP is a top-rated law firm that works hard to help you win. For personal injury and elder abuse cases, we do not get paid until you win.

  • Family
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Kara R. Lavy

Mrs. Lavy is a founding member of Lavy Law. She founded Lavy Law with the goal of creating a one-stoplaw firm for clients who have a case in both, the

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Sigrid Elizabeth Pauline Irias

Sigrid Irias handles a wide variety of litigated claims, working closely with clients ranging from self-insured corporations to individuals to insurer

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Do I need to file a response to an uncontested divorce?

My husband apparently filed for an uncontested divorce but I never received any notice of it. I did get a ‘default judgment’ in the mail, apparently because I didn’t respond to his divorce complaint. I’m not really contesting anything except we do have one joint credit card debt that he ran up. I want my name off of that account. Will the divorce automatically make that account his responsibility, or do I need to file some type of response to his divorce complaint? How can a default be entered by the court against me if my ex never gave me any notice when he filed?

Published on 03/08/21
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What is a medical child support order?

My kids’ mother has filed a child support action against me and in it she’s asking that the court issue a ‘medical support order’ and make me provide health insurance for my kids on top of child support. Insurance at my company is extremely expensive and if I carry my kids on the plan there is no way I can pay child support also. I think it makes more sense for her to cover the kids on her insurance, it’s cheaper. What exactly is a medical support order and can I fight it? If I am required to provide health insurance for the kids, could a judge waive child support? Also, how do I respond to her court papers? The paperwork says I have a certain amount of days to respond but is that from when she filed the papers or when I received them?

Published on 03/08/21
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