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Soy un abogado en Fresno, California. Hablo español, pero admito que mi español no está perfecto. Normalmente mis habilidades con la lengua está suficiente para comunicar con mis clientes.

Represento personas acusadas con delitos mayores y menores, incluyendo cargas por violencia, drogas, pandillas, y delitos sexuales. Tengo muchas clientes satisfacadas.

La manageria de mi oficina no habla español. Pero ella puede le dar un encuentro conmigo por ustedes.


California, United States Active
Licensed for 11 Years 11 Months
since Apr 2007


California State University, Fresno
Bachelors Philosophy
San Joaquin College of Law
J.D. Law


California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
Member, Board of Governors
Member since 2017
California DUI Lawyers Association
Attorney Member
Member since 2012
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
Member since 2006

Rick Horowitz's Reviews From Avvo.com

February 24, 2019

Completely Satisfied!

Rick helped me fight two Felony charges in Madera County.

He was very professional, he was organized, he was there for me to call anytime, and he stood by me at every court date I had. He was also very knowledgeable about the laws of California, and always gave me a straight answer with no sugar coating regarding my case. He advised me on some difficult decisions that I had to make, let me know that I was in control of them, and assured me that he would fight for me in either decision I made. At the end of the day he was very caring, understanding, and a great asset to have during one of the most crucial times in my life. I couldn't say enough good things about Rick Horowitz and his eagerness to fight my case. I would definitely recommend Rick Horowitz for his great Attorney services.

Rick Horowitz's Reviews From Yelp.com

October 14, 2018

Up to the consultation portion, I give Rick 6 Stars.

Met with my girlfriend on my behalf, was very helpful regarding the legal matter and even spent time...

October 06, 2017

Mr. Horowitz really impressed me today during my consultation. He really took his time with us and answered all of our questions professionally. He...

June 29, 2018

A true gentleman a fabulous lawyer and a tremendous human being , passionate about his work and extremely knowledgeable of the law .

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Fresno, CA

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